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What if all your entertainment systems worked in flawless harmony, delivering your favorite music, television, movies, and more throughout your entire home?

ELAN reinvents home entertainment with complete control and unmatched convenience. A single, elegant interface lets you enjoy consistent experiences across multiple devices; from your ELAN remote, ELAN touch panel, personal tablet or phone. However you choose to interact with ELAN, our intuitive interface remembers your preferred actions and will respond accordingly—creating a completely custom, personalized experience. By anticipating your needs, ELAN empowers family members of all ages and tech-savviness to enjoy a fully connected lifestyle without a second thought.

Personal, scalable, simple. Whether your entertainment is in one room, throughout your home, or even outdoors, ELAN makes it easy.

Smart Home Systems Cheshire, Smart Home Systems Manchester,

Smart Home Technology Voice Activated Systems

Elan Integrates Voice Control with  Amazon Echo. Some in the home automation space are calling the Amazon Echo with voice control one of the most exciting things to happen to home systems integration in a long while. Some consider it as big as the introduction of affordable touch screens. There is no question that reliable voice control has been long awaited. That’s where the Amazon Echo comes in

The Amazon Echo has quickly come to the attention of luxury control system developers. Amazon is eager to work with such developers. Elan Home Systems, has released a new update to their flagship control system that makes good use of the Echo’s voice function.
Through the new Elan system custom integrators can now work with Amazon Echo – and digital assistant “Alexa” – to access Elan’s most common control functions. “Voice control through Alexa  gives users one more intuitive way to interface with the  ELAN system. “And of course, this functionality can be used to update existing systems as well as new installations.” Fantastic control of your Smart Home with voice activation. A must in any Home Automation project.

Alexa close family room blinds    Alexa turn security lights on   Alexa security camera 1 on my tv

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Luxury Home Automation Voice Activated Systems

We use Elan controllers for all our systems regardless of size. Elan Control is the most cost effective solution in most of our projects, and also the most reliable in residential audio/video and Home Automation designs.
Scalable from a single room to as many rooms as you wish. There are very few limitations with Elan regarding scale and operation.
Unlike most systems on the market Elan guarantees that the system will work with most third party devices, and fully supported by the manufacturer.

Luxury Home Automation

Award winning Elan Touchscreens can control your entire house at the touch of a button. No matter what interface you use iPhone/iPad or Voice Activation  you will get the same controls viewed, this will make it simple to use but very effective.

This will be the main command centre and you can have wherever you want, if you want to view your security cameras you simply press the security tab and all your cameras will appear.


Elan G Controller and Wyrestorm Matrix With Rako Lighting I contacted James about 2 months ago regarding doing a home automation set up for my new house. I had already contacted about 3 businesses prior to contacting James. Although I liked all the work of the three previous companies unfortunately they were asking for to much money. I explained my requirements to James and told him my budget. He then explained what I can get done within my budget and if I wanted other part automated then we can add it on the system. This was perfect for me as I did not want to spend too much. The job is now fully complete and I am really happy with the outcome. I like the ElanG software and I cant wait to add more to my home automation system.

Smart Home Systems Cheshire, Smart Home systems Manchester

Smart Home Devices Voice Activated

Multi-Room Audio and Video

ELAN offers virtually limitless options to deliver your content while remaining elegant and effortless to use. Whether you’re selecting different media for each space or playing your favorite rally soundtrack throughout your home, ELAN makes it easy.
While the movie watchers are immersed in a total home theater experience, your favorite music can fill the family room or the evening news in your study. Multiple TVs can likewise be linked, playing independent content in each room, sharing the same media, or any mix in between. New with ELAN 8 – group media zones on-the-fly, instantly personalized to your needs.

Fantastic Home Theater Room

What’s your ideal theater atmosphere—lights dimmed, shades drawn, and surrounded by perfectly-equalized sound? With ELAN, a single touch turns your media room into a total cinematic experience. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Outdoor Entertainment

Taking the party outside? Just bring your ELAN remote or mobile device. Friends can take turns controlling the music without having to dash inside.
The same ELAN solutions that offer intuitive access to endless audio and video options throughout your home seamlessly transition to your outdoor spaces. Pair your ELAN system with award-winning speaker solutions from SpeakerCraft or Niles to experience satisfyingly full sound while enjoying the fresh air.

ELAN makes home security smarter by
integrating all your systems into a single interface.

With just a single touch of a button. ELAN will turn off the lights, ensure the garage is closed, doors are locked, and your security system is activated. With the convenience of remote access, you can receive alerts, arm, or disarm the system from your mobile device—whether you’re at home or a thousand miles away.

Working late?

ELAN lets you check in on your kids and even switch on your security system remotely. And if you’re coming home after dark, ELAN keeps you feeling safe by activating an illuminated path from driveway to door.

Intelligent Integration

Is the smoke alarm triggered? ELAN immediately shuts down your HVAC system, minimizing the spread of smoke. While emergency response is being notified, internal and external pathways are lit to help your family exit quickly.

Smart Home Systems Manchester, Smart Home Systems Cheshire,