Home Automation Intercom Systems

Tel- James 07879413701 Email-jleicester@live.co.uk Home Automation Intercom Systems Home Automation Intercom Systems.  The new Elan G Home Automation Intercom Systems provides doorbell, paging between rooms, full point to point intercom functions that integrate easily in to your Home Automation Intercom Systems. The Elan Intercom system will support unlimited zones so you can hear and see… Read More »

Cedia Member

Cedia Member, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is the leading  authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. CEDIA represents 3,500 Cedia Member companies worldwide and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home. Built upon a strong volunteer foundation, CEDIA provides access to… Read More »

Smart Home Networking

Home Networking is a place within your home with the purpose to facilitate communication among digital services present within your home environment. Devices that can be on your network are Smart Devices such as Network Printers, Home Automation Devices, iPads, iPhones most devices are IP (internet protocol) controlled. Home Networking can be used to increase… Read More »

Electrical Installations Cheshire

  Our approved electricians offer a special electrical installation service with approved certificates. Once your Smart Home has been designed then they will be able to do the first fix  all of the electrical installation and Cat 6a data cables. All of these will be installed correctly and in the correct zones, according to the… Read More »

Rako Lighting Control

Tel- James 07879413701 Email-jleicester@live.co.uk Rako Lighting Control Restaurants and Bars are ideal for Rako Lighting Control of lighting circuits, to change the environment and give customers an enhancing experience with smooth fading of led energy saving lights. Scene changes are easy to do, at the touch of a button the lighting scene can change giving  fantastic… Read More »


Cat 7 Cable Category 7 cable commonly known as Cat 7 is used for Home Automation projects mainly for the cabling infrastructure of Gigabit Ethernet. A Cat 7 cable can give performances of up to 600MHz, what that means is if you install this cable you will be future proofed for years to come in… Read More »

Electric Gate – Door Control

Tel- James 07879413701 Email-jleicester@live.co.uk Electric Gate – Door Control Electric Gate – Door Control. The 2N Helios Door-Gate Intercom will Impress your visitors right at the entrance to your house whether it be at the gate or at the front door with a quality Door Intercom with a 2N Helios Door/Gate Intercom. You can view whoever… Read More »

Home Security Systems

 Tel James: 07879413701 Email: homeautomationcompany@gmail.com  Home Security Systems. Security is vital in every household and we aim to make sure you are as secure as we can, integrating the security features into your Smart Home.. Our  Home  Security Systems  include CCTV, which can be customised to record when detecting movement and accessed from anywhere in the world. From… Read More »

Rako Lighting Systems

  Rako Lighting Systems control has huge benefits that can make a wireless installation possible in projects where dedicated category cable is not possible. However there are  many projects where dedicated wiring is being installed and a wired solution can provide some features difficult to achieve with a wireless network , such as permantly powered tell-back LED,s, true… Read More »