Rako Award Winning lighting Systems

Rako Award Winning lighting Systems

All controlled by in wall touchscreens, elegant switches, iPads and iPhones.
Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital dimming technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications with lighting systems that are simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective.
At JL Smart Home Automation we realise that planning a project can be confusing, especially with the vast array of lamp types and fittings now available. With an unparalleled range of products, together with a hugely experienced support team there’s always someone able and willing

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Home Security View On Your iPhones

Home Security View On Your iPhones

We are experts in IP camera technology, offering you independent advice to help select the camera solution that's right for you. Our wide range of IP camera brands and models ensures we can offer a solution for almost any IP CCTV requirement whether the application is indoors or outdoors.
The variety of camera types includes fixed cameras, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), wireless, covert, 4K Ultra HD, 1080p and 720p HD, and multi megapixel IP cameras.
In addition to the supply and installation of equipment, we offer free support to our customers.

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Z-Wave Yale Door Locks

Z-Wave Yale Door Locks

Z-Wave Smart Locks technology is the latest wireless technology that provides the convenience of being able to manage home security remotely. The Z-Wave Door Locks provide a secure entry and the convenience of being able to adjust pin numbers and codes anywhere in the world via a laptop, smartphone or tablet, which is connected to the devices. This technology provides a greater level of security for our busy and mobile lives. We have selected the best Z-Wave Door Locks that will secure your home, yet providing flexibility and convenience from a reliable product that creates solutions because they consistently provide functions that operate as they should.

Smart Home Z-Wave Door Locks, Your smart lock options are quickly expanding, but you'll still want to take a look at the Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt. With plenty of customizable features and a modern-looking, "cellphone chic" design, Yale's two-year-old lock fits right in with the current crop of smart offerings.

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Home automation systems Smart Home Keyless lock controlled with iPhoneThe Yale Keyless Digital Lock lets you unlock your front door by entering a simple code. No keys, no hassle, no fuss – just keep a PIN number in your head! You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home

Smart Home Electric Roman Blinds

Smart Home Electric BlindsElectric Blinds are a must in any Home Automation project. Integrate the in to your Smart Home and programme to close at dusk and open at dawn. Come and view the demo house. Read MoreSmart Home Electric BlindsWe use Silent Gliss Electric blinds, their blinds have clean lines that complement modern architecture

Multi Room Home Automation-WyreStorm  brings total signal management and control for corporate, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare industrial or any commercial application imaginable.WyreStorm  is dedicated to bringing the leading-edge custom AV distribution and control solutions to commercial and domestic  integrators – all backed by global technical, support and marketing teams.From the boardroom to an arena and any

Home Automation Specialists; Movie Rooms; Music in Every Room; Keyless Door Locks; Intercom Systems; Rako Mood Lighting; Gate Control; Electrical Installations; Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems.  We are a Cheshire Home Automation Company and we can transform your House in to the perfect Smart Home for you and your children, with our quality Home Automation Systems.We can

Intercom System

  Home Automation Intercom Systems Home Automation Intercom Systems.  The new Elan G Home Automation Intercom Systems provides doorbell, paging between rooms, full point to point intercom functions that integrate easily in to your Home Automation Intercom Systems. The Elan Intercom system will support unlimited zones so you can hear and see who you are

Home Networking

  Home Networking is a place within your home with the purpose to facilitate communication among digital services present within your home environment. Devices that can be on your network are Smart Devices such as Network Printers, Home Automation Devices, iPads, iPhones most devices are IP (internet protocol) controlled. Home Networking can be used to

Electrical Installations

Our approved electricians offer a special electrical installation service with approved certificates. Once your Smart Home has been designed then they will be able to do the first fix  all of the electrical installation ,Cat 6a data cables. All of these will be installed correctly and in the correct zones, according to the latest 17th

Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital lighting systems, providing solutions to meet the needs of customers.Rako lighting controls are easy to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective.Planning a project can be hard work and confusing especially with the vast number of lamps types and fittings now available.With our

Cat 7 Cable

Message with Whatts App to JL Smart Home Automation 07879413701! Cat 7 Cable Category 7 cable commonly known as Cat 7 is used for Home Automation projects mainly for the cabling infrastructure of Gigabit Ethernet. A Cat 7 cable can give performances of up to 600MHz, what that means is if you install this cable

Electric Gate – Door Control Electric Gate – Door Control. The 2N Helios Door-Gate Intercom will Impress your visitors right at the entrance to your house whether it be at the gate or at the front door with a quality Door Intercom with a 2N Helios Door/Gate Intercom. You can view whoever is at the gate

JL Smart Home can transform your house with a stunning Home Automation System; Digital Energy Efficient lighting system; Stunning Movie Rooms with surround sound; Intercoms throughout the house; Talk to anyone in the world on your touchscreens; Heating control; Latest CCTV Systems with IP Cameras; Security Gates and Security Systems; We can integrate all these things in to a user friendly Home Automation System. We are also approved Electrically so we can do all the project. Come See The Demo house